Re: Boeing considering ultra-long range 747-200X

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:42 
From: (Stephan Piel)
Organization: University of Pennsylvania
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: Flight International, in the current issue, reports that Boeing is
: evaluating airline interest in an ultra-long range 747 based on the
: 747-400F and seating 355-380 passengers in typical configurations.
: Range would be 9,200 statute miles (14,800 km) compared to 8,380 mi
: (13,480 km) for the 747-400.

How many routes are there where a range of 13,480km is not enough, but a
range of 14,800km is? Can anybody name some of them?

Stephan Piel