Cripple 7 ???

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:42 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Even if I don't believe it myself I picked this news (?) and want your
opinion/comments :

Apparently the Boeing 777 has been having touble lately. The next three
excerpts are from the Planespotting homepage message board

On Nov. 6,1997 Peter Olding wrote:

Subj: Triple 7 or Cripple 7

"This story was told to me by a British Airways stewardess. A British
Airways have had a few proplems with their 777's. The worst incident
occured when one was flying from London to the Middle East. Over Germany
the wing started bending and twisting into all different ways. The
passengers started to get a bit worried and informed the cabin crew who
in turn informed the flight crew. It was decided that the aircraft should
return to London.  Many people on board the aircraft thought that it was
not going to make it. There was one stewardess on board the aircraft who
was normally the calmest person in any situation by she was in floods of
tears by the time the aircraft reached London. British Airways cabin crew
have now renamed the aircraft from the Triple 7 to the Cripple 7. Whilst
I was following up this story I have been in contact from someone who was
on an Emerites 777 which had a similar proplem with its wing. Is there a
problem with this aircraft?"

He was answered on Nov. 13, 1997 by Ming Lee:

Subj: RE: Triple 7 or Cripple 7 ?

"'the wing started bending and twisting into all different ways'".  I
cannot accept the statement that was made by the passenger on the BA
flight. There is just no way that any airplane can sustain and this kind
of aerodynamic deformation. Furthermore, why would Boeing or any aircraft
manufacturer willing to risk their reputation and profit for an unsafe
plane. B-777 is safe and reliable. there is just no question about it.

Also on the 13th, Paul Shindelus replied:

"I don't know about the story about the British Airways 777 wing twisting,
but a mechanic at United told me that the 777 has turned out to be quite
the problem plane. He says that they break down both easily and frequently.
He called them 'pieces of sh*t.' Whether or not the wings bend I do not
know, but according to this guy, the 777 has so far been a headache for
UA mechanics."


Any comments from insiders are welcome. On my last trip with the 777
(Lauda Air) there was no incident. During my cockpit visit I was told
that NG was so far happy with the a/c. The point is they are only
operating it since 1st Oct 97.

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