America West - Scary Take-Off

Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:41 
From:         Robert Tremonti <>
Organization: National Organization Of Anarchists
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I took America West's flight 819 from Pheonix to Vancouver on Wednesday
November 12th and it was a bit scary on take-off.  Wonder if anyone has
heard any details on this?

The a/c was a 737 (not sure of model).  Just as we lifted off (main
gear), we took a sharp roll to the right.  It almost seemed as if the
pilot had started a right turn too early.  (I was on the port side,
sitting right behind the wing emergency exit.  Passengers on the right
side commented that the wing tip came VERY close to the ground.)  The
pilots recovered quickly (obviously) and there was no other turbulance
or sudden movements during the remainder of the climb out.

I've been on flights caught by crosswind gusts before, but this felt
very different.  There was no side buffetting during the take-off roll
or when the nose gear came off the runway.

Can anyone shed more light on this incident?



R.A. (Bob) Tremonti
North Vancouver, BC