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Date:         15 Nov 97 16:24:41 
From:         Tom Gibson <>
Organization: San Diego State University
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Stephen H. Westin wrote:
> I just happened across a book in the library: a history of
> airlines. WHile leafing through, I found a photo of a Douglas
> DC-5. This was a 2-engine, high-wing, tricycle-gear
> monoplane. Apparently the first one was delivered to KLM's West Indies
> division in the spring of 1940; these planes were transferred to the
> Far East as WW II advanced. At that point, KLM had bought at least one
> of every airliner Douglas had produced.

There is a somewhat extensive treatment of the DC-5 in the book "Douglas
Airliners (Propliners?), DC-1 to DC-7 by Arthur Pearcy.  A very
interesting story - it basically didn't have a chance, since Douglas'
military requirements at the time forced them to drop the project.
Also, it was the only DC series to be produced at the El Segundo plant
(also in Southern California).

> I always wondered about the gap in the series DC-2, DC-3, DC-4, DC-6, ...

KLM also went on to buy the DC-6B, DC-7C, DC-8, and DC-10 (I don't know
if they had the 9).  A very loyal customer! (did they own any Boeing
planes of that era?).

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Tom Gibson
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