Boeing considering ultra-long range 747-200X

Date:         05 Nov 97 23:41:56 
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Flight International, in the current issue, reports that Boeing is
evaluating airline interest in an ultra-long range 747 based on the
747-400F and seating 355-380 passengers in typical configurations.
Range would be 9,200 statute miles (14,800 km) compared to 8,380 mi
(13,480 km) for the 747-400.

The 747-200X moniker suggests that the proposal would use the small
upper deck of the 747-400F (same size as the 747-100/200) with the
airframe weight reduction allowing the increased range.  (According
to, the MGTOW and fuel capacity of the 747-400F is the
same as the passenger version, so the freighter airframe doesn't seem
to offer any benefit in that regard.  What happened to the freighter
having a stronger wing that boosted it from 875,000 lbs to 920,000 lbs

Cathay Pacific, EVA Air (Taiwan), and Qantas are mentioned as potential
customers for the aircraft, which could be launched as early as next
May if there is sufficient interest.  Cathay in particular wants an
aircraft which can fly HKG-JFK non-stop, year 'round.

The 747-200X, which apparently is being considered as an alternative
to a longer range 777, is in response to the increased competitive
threat posed by the A340-600.  The smaller A340-500 still boasts the
greatest range.

  model     pax (3-class)  range (mi/km)
  -----     -------------  -------------
  747-400        420       8,380 / 13,480
  747-200X     355-380     9,200 / 14,800
  777-200IGW   305-328     8,600 / 13,845
  A340-600       378       8,390 / 13,500
  A340-500       313       9,570 / 15,400

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