Re: A/C Body Station Designations

Date:         05 Nov 97 23:41:56 
From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
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k_ish wrote:
> On Boeing aircraft, FS0 is the nose of the aircraft, BL0 is the aircraft
> centerline, and WL0 is basically a datum on the belly.  Don't recall
> where Airbus places their datums, MD was a little confusing IIRC as
> there are + and - FS and WL locations.

	No, on the 727-100, the nose is at FS130, the 737-200's nose is at
FS130, the 747-100's nose is at FS90 and the 767-200's nose is at

	For the interested, the DC-8-61/63's nose is at FS-200, the DC-9-30's
nose is at FS7, the DC-10-10's nose is at FS239.  The Fokker 70's nose
is at FS0.

	Almost all aircraft have Buttline 0 on the centerline, except
unsymmetrical aircraft like the Rutan Ares and Boomerang.  Waterline 0
can fall almost anywhere.  Additionally, most manufacturers have
separate coordinate systems for the wing, nacelles, pylons, etc.

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