Boeing decisions on Douglas products

Date:         03 Nov 97 19:20:03 
From:         "Stefano P. Pagiola" <>
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Well, Boeing has announced the results of its review of Douglas products,
and the results are:

MD-11: Boeing will continue to offer the MD-11 trijet in both freighter and
passenger versions, although it expects that the largest market for the
airplane is as a freighter. As a freighter the MD-11F is well-placed
between the 767-300F and the 747-400F.   As of Sept. 30, 1997, there were
19 unfilled announced orders for the MD-11, which is being produced at the
rate of one per month.

MD-80/MD-90: Boeing will continue to produce the MD-80 and MD-90 twinjets
until approximately mid-1999, when current production commitments end.
Currently, the MD-80 and MD-90 are being produced at a rate of four per
month. There are 13 unfilled announced orders for the MD-80 and 91 for the

MD-95: Boeing is committed to build the 50 MD-95s ordered by launch
customer ValuJet/AirTran, with first delivery, but has not made a decision
about the long-term future of the airplane. Boeing Commercial Airplane
Group president Ron Woodard said: "Production beyond the launch order of 50
airplanes -- as well as any development of MD-95 derivatives -- will depend
on reducing the cost of producing the airplane. Over the next several
weeks, we'll be discussing this issue with our partners and suppliers on
the MD-95 program. We'll make a final decision on the program's future once
we conclude those discussions."

So basically, production of the MD-80/90 is being wound down, as expected.
Production of the MD-11 continues. And no decision has yet been made about
the MD-95.

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