Re: flashing landing lights?

Date:         03 Nov 97 02:18:55 
From: (Walker J. Seestedt)
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In article <airliners.1997.2507@ohare.Chicago.COM>, bd362@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (R. Adam Fogo) wrote:
>Twice in the past 2 days I have observed a business jet flying with its
>landing lights flashing on and off in a continuous rhythm.  The first
>aircraft was a Hawker 125 on approach.  The flashing became a steady on
>when the aircraft was on short final.  The second instance was a Falcon
>50, with its lights flashing on and off immediately after takeoff.  I did
>not see if they continued flashing.  Could anyone tell me what the
>flashing signifies, if anything?

Well, don't know what flashing lights would singnify as such, but the
Piper Archer which I fly has a function called "Sky Flasher" for the
landing lights.  When the landing lights are on without the function they
burn steady (one on each wingtip.)  But with the Sky Flashers they
alternate flashing in the manner you describe for the Bizjets.  I am told
(and it seems reasonable) that they are used when you want to really be
seen, as they catch the attention of other pilots.  I would imagine the
pilots of the jets you saw were using them for the same reason.  At some
of the uncontrolled airports I fly to, they have lots of business jet
traffic that just announces arrival on the CTAF, so I would think that in
those circumstances they would want to make themselves more visible, lest
they mow down some poor Aeronica with no radio!

I always thought the wingtip landing lights (plus the door on one side)
made my Archer more "airliner like."  Now I can say that with the Sky
Flashers it makes it more "Business Jet like"! :-) :-)




Walker J. Seestedt
Student Pilot, DoD #81
I'm learning to fly because where else can you safely blaze through a residential area at 130 MPH without getting a ticket? ;-)