Re: flashing landing lights?

Date:         03 Nov 97 02:18:55 
From:         Arthur Utay <>
Organization: AT&T
References:   1
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R. Adam Fogo wrote:
> Twice in the past 2 days I have observed a business jet flying with its
> landing lights flashing on and off in a continuous rhythm.  The first
> aircraft was a Hawker 125 on approach.  The flashing became a steady on
> when the aircraft was on short final.  The second instance was a Falcon
> 50, with its lights flashing on and off immediately after takeoff.  I did
> not see if they continued flashing.  Could anyone tell me what the
> flashing signifies, if anything?

It might be Pulselite's landing light system which pulses the landing
lights to a) increase situational awareness for other aircraft and b)
increases bulb life (according to their literature)

This system has been around for a few years on general aviation
aircraft, and probably STC's exist for larger biz jets by now.

A. W. Utay
C180 N180Y