Re: flashing landing lights?

Date:         03 Nov 97 02:18:55 
From:         Normand Perron <>
Organization: VTL
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R. Adam Fogo wrote:
> Twice in the past 2 days I have observed a business jet flying with its
> landing lights flashing on and off in a continuous rhythm.  The first
> aircraft was a Hawker 125 on approach.  The flashing became a steady on
> when the aircraft was on short final.  The second instance was a Falcon
> 50, with its lights flashing on and off immediately after takeoff.  I did
> not see if they continued flashing.  Could anyone tell me what the
> flashing signifies, if anything?

I have also seen this recently on an aircraft on approach to 24L in
Montréal/Dorval (YUL). I can't remember what type of aircraft it was but
it also changed to a steady ON on short final; it was in daytime. I
would guess that it is done to make the aircraft more visible to other
traffic as flasing lights tend to be more conspicuous, everything else
being equal.