Re: Wake of SuperJumbo

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:26 
From: (Daniel G. Sharpes)
Organization: St. Elizabeth Hospital, Youngstown, OH
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In a previous article, (Filip De Vos) says:

>Would the wake of the next generation lage-scale civil transports be much
>worse to deal with than that of the actual large planes like the 747,
>Recently a whole bunch of planes were reclassified to help determine
>minimum safe separation.
>Perhaps naively, I assume that a bigger A/C with a bigger wing, carrying
>more weight and having bigger engines will disturb more air?

  Absolutely right.  The vortex strength behind any size aircraft
is a function of Lift / (air density x airspeed).  The heavier an
aircraft and the slower it flies the stronger the wake vortex.