Re: Service Ceiling (was Re: Passenger cabin pressurization)

Date:         03 Nov 97 02:18:54 
From:         domk1031@cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE (Burkhard Domke)
Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany
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On 16 Oct 97 00:44:13 , (Edward Hahn) wrote:
>To nitpick (this being usenet and all), the Service Ceiling is defined as the
>altitude at which the airline can no longer climb at 500 fpm.  Absolute
>Ceiling is defined as the altitude at which the aircraft can no longer climb
>at all.
>(Unfortunately, I can't find a written reference at this at the moment, but I
>am certain that the Service Ceiling is not defined in terms of cabin pressure,
>as many unpressurized aircraft have service ceilings in excess of 12,500 ft.)

IIRC, service ceiling is restricted by any specified, arbitrary
residual climb rate.
With airliners, usual values are 300-500 ft/min.