Re: Radioactive material on CV990 ?

Date:         03 Nov 97 02:18:54 
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Marc Schaeffer ( wrote:
|I heard that the rudders of the Convair 990 had counterweights made out
|of uranium.
|- Are there other examples where radioactive materials are employed in
|civil a/c ?

In  your local  supermarket  you can probably  buy  "low  sodium" salt
(similar to egg-free omlettes, but that's another story!). It  is  low
soduim because it's potassium chloride.

If you put a geiger counter up against  a carton of such "Lo-Salt" you
will find that it  is noticably radioactive.  In fact, if it was three
times more radioactive then, in the UK, it  would have to be treated a
low-level nuclear waste.

So,  I'm  not  too  worried  about the  radioactivity in  (presumably)
depleted  uranium weights.  I  have  no  knowledge  of  how poisionous
uranium  is,  but  I  suspect I  ought to  be  more worried about  the
combustion prodcuts resulting from a crash.

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