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Date:         03 Nov 97 02:18:53 
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  or MIME structure (James Matthew Weber) wrote:
>U238 has a half life comparable to Potassium 40. I think you would
>find most people horrified to discover that a very sizeable portion of
>the potassium in their body (Close to half)  is in fact K-40. In my

In most countries, the natural radioactivity of a human is above the
level that would classify them as a registerable source.  Legislation
usually specifically excludes such natural sources, thankfully.

>contamination (which was a real problem for us, since it was done in
>the nuclear medicine department at a large University Hospital) was
>enough to completely hide the K40 decay we were looking for. (Moral of
>the story is don't make you lead shielding for the floor out of pigs
>used to transport radio-isotopes!!)

Best thing to use is old battleship steel.  The UK has made some quite
rooms from steel retrieved from the german fleet scuttled at Scapa
Flow.  AFAIK, these are the quitest rooms in existance, 20 inch steel
walls, with very little activity.