Re: A/C Body Station Designations

Date:         03 Nov 97 02:18:53 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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JAK1959 wrote:
> Could someone please inform me as to where the reference point
> is that body stations are measured from on commercial aircraft?
> Is it the forward pressure bulkhead?  Is it the mounting
> structure for the weather radar?  Please let me know.
> Also, are there any publications that have aircraft diagrams
> that would include both body stations and stringers?
> And a final question.  How does Airbus designate the body
> stations?  Please let me know.

On Boeing aircraft, FS0 is the nose of the aircraft, BL0 is the aircraft
centerline, and WL0 is basically a datum on the belly.  Don't recall
where Airbus places their datums, MD was a little confusing IIRC as
there are + and - FS and WL locations.

The point is, there is no "standard" datum.  I have not seen any
publicly available diagrams showing FS numbers.

Sorry I couldn't provide more info;
Ken Ishiguro