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Date:         01 Nov 97 18:55:53 
From: (Navion4217)
Organization: AOL
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>Can anyone here aid me in finding out who the launch customer and which
>airlines ordered the ill fated Boeing SST(Super-Sonic-Transport)
>2707-100 before the project was canceled?

This info is from Interavia, the IATA's magazine, October 1966:

Air France: 6 US SST, 8 Concorde
BOAC: 6 US SST, 8 Concorde
Lufthansa: 3 US SST
Iberia: 3 US SST
American: 6 US SST, 6 Concorde
Braniff: 2 US SST
Continental: 3 Concorde
Canadian Pacific: 3 US SST
Delta: 3 US SST
Eastern: 2 US SST, 2 Concorde
Pan Am: 15 US SST, 6 Concorde
TWA: 10 US SST, 6 Concorde
United: 6 US SST, 6 Concorde

I don't have information for Latin American or Asia/Pacific airlines.