Bent Rims

Date:         01 Nov 97 18:55:53 
From: (Joel S Cole)
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  I need some help.  We recently found 2 bent rims on a wide-body
aircraft.  The main tire, size 52 X 20.5, had blown tires with shreaded
bead area.  The rim edge of the outboard wheel half(side) was curled
outward over a 12-inch section.  On another occasion, an aircraft
experienced a bent rim on a 40 X 15.5 Nose Wheel.

   Has anyone experienced a similar occurrence?  Has anyone at a
manufacture/test facility or an overhaul facility seen a wheel with this

What caused this bent rim?  Could this be caused by FOD on the runway?
Taxiing with deflated tire?

With the tire properly inflated, can a rim be bent at landing without

Steve Cole

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