crosswind landings

Date:         01 Nov 97 18:55:53 
From:         "Andre" <>
Organization: EUnet Portugal
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As I only got one response and would like to hear further,
if possible, here goes a repost:

I've been a flightsimmer for quite a while now and I find
that the most challenging task for a pilot is by far landing
with strong and gusty crosswinds.
I find it quite demanding to push the drift off so that the
aircraft lands perfectly aligned with the runway, I find
a 2 or 3 degree error common when winds are severe and gusty
having to correct the remaining sometimes already
on the ground.

I would like to know from a real jet pilot out there if possible
about this drift thing, like:

How many degrees of drift can an aircraft sustain when landing
before any severe jerking occurs or danger of drifting off runway
happens, for heavy commercial aircraft like any boeing...

I've read that no rudder is imperative at crosswinds up to 10 knots
for a 747, although that can mean 2-3 degrees of drift; isn't it
to much?

Is it correct to make such corrections after all the wheels are on the
ground ? Isn't it disconfortable or even dangerous?

Doesn't the aircraft react immediatly to a, say,  2 degree drift and start
going sideways? Can it be steered quickly back to the center?

Any inputs, again, are wellcome

				thanks for your answers,