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Date:         01 Nov 97 18:55:52 
From:         "Rob Wells (WLL)" <>
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Iain Stuart wrote:
> In article <airliners.1997.2438@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Karl Swartz
> <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> writes
> >>Of course, this aircraft had an APU running during the Jakarta Volcanic
> >>ash emergency ...
> >
> >Are you sure?  Nothing I've read about the accident mentions the
> >pilots starting the APU, and it would not have been running at
> >cruise.
> The only reports I've read showed that the crew were attempting Windmill
> Engine Starts, and once one engine lit, they also tried Starter Assists.
> Suggests thet the APU was non-op.
> In case you're wondering where the electrical / hydraulic power came
> from, even when unlit, the engines rotate. Usually, fast enuff to
> provide some power if required.

In Oz it was reported that the APU was definitely non-op. I seem to
remember that there was only enough compressed air left for one more
attempt to turn over an engine. But perhaps that was an embelishment
added by the local tabloids.

What was it the Captain said over the intercom, a few seconds after
everyone on board had heard the last engine die? Something about "Ladies
and gentlemen, we have a slight problem."

Is the ?? Gliding Club still going? It is/was a club formed by the
passengers of the BA flight and was named after the volcano that was
erupting at the time. Was it the Galangagul Gliding Club?

Rob W.

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