Re: MD-17 vs. MD-11F/DC-10F

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:26 
From: (J Berry)
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:

>>Airbus proposed A300 600ST "BELUGA" to FEDEX and UPS but they refused
>>due to the cost and the poor return on investment.

UPS prefers used (cheap) equip, anyway
Bought 757/767s new, but the vast
majority of the fleet is very used

>Weird.  Those would be two of the *last* cargo carriers who I would
>think of as potential "Beluga" operators, since they rarely if ever
>deal with very large or bulky cargo.  (Do either of them even handle
>such work on a contract basis?

UPS does, it's nascent now but expected to grow. UPS is trying to
finesse ground movement of "AIR" service pkgs. to free up space for
"untapped" revenue sources (air cargo). Thus, your Next Day Air pkg
has a decent chance of never seeing the inside of an airplane!
(Fedex moving in this direction also)

I know its off-topic, but UPS is rolling out PASSENGER service this yr
They have ordered roll-in seating (decked out nicely) to utilize their

planes for weekend leisure travel. One problem that I would have a
difficult time overcoming: NO WINDOWS, of course.

>>CARGOLUX which used 747 400F said that they have lot of difficulties
>>to rentabilised this aircraft.
>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^
?? I think everyone has difficulty rentabilising, eh?

J Berry