Re: Phase III Engine

Date:         01 Nov 97 18:55:51 
From: (Michael W Kopanski)
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On 06 Oct 97 02:14:23 (Brian Clouse) writes:
>Do you mean Stage 2 vs. Stage 3 aircraft?  Those refer to noise levels
>produced during takeoffs and landings, with Stage 3 limits being
>  Stage 1 means no limits, Stage 2 is basically 1960's-era jets, and
>Stage 3 covers pretty much anything made since the 1970's.

I don't think he means reference to the noise factor. As I posted before,
United Airlines uses P & W Phase III engines on our newer 747-400's and
just announced that all the 747-400 fleet will be converted to Phase III
over the next three years. It doesn't have anything to do with the noise
abatement. It just allows us to operate longer routes, because the
engines are more efficient and have more power.

Mickey Kopanski