Strange buzzing sound on DC-9

Date:         01 Nov 97 18:55:50 
From:         jf mezei <"[non-spam]jfmezei">
Organization: VTL
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On saterday afternoon, (Nov 1), at about 16:15 EST, I was riding my bike
through the community of Hudson, some 25km west of Dorval airport.
(Montreal - YUL).

I started to hear a buzz above/behind me and thought it was an
ultra-light plane  coming behind me.  Obviously I had misjudged its
because it didn't overtake me. Then, some folks on the sidewalk stopped
walking and looked up. I stopped cycling and looked up.

Well, I had definitely misjudged the flying object. It was in fact
(most probably) a DC-9 on approach to YUL. (Easterly winds means that
planes made direct approaches from the west instead of the most usual
"go to east end of Montreal, u-turn and land at Dorval").

There wasn't anything special in the appearance of the plane (as viewed
from the ground) but the sound was definitely VERY different than that
of a jet and also louder than other planes that followed in that
approach path.

Was this just a weather anomaly which caused the sounds to be so
different ? Is this a normal sound for DC-9s that have been huskitted  ?
(sounds like a ultra-light buzz instead of a jet whirl). Or did I
witness a plane with engines that were having problems ? Is this common?