Re: 777 Engine Startup

Date:         24 Oct 97 04:33:16 
From:         "Ken Bywater" <>
Organization: Unconfigured
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>Yes, the 777 does have an autostart system, but not a single switch.
>All the crew has to do is have the Autostart switch ON,  the Fuel
>Switch to RUN and the Start/ignition Switch to START.  Then sit back
>and watch the show.  The EEC controls the start sequence.  It turns on
>the fuel and ignition at about 20%, monitors engine perameters and
>disengages the starter at about 50%.  It will abort the start if a
>fault occurs and then attempt a restart.

The fuel switch is also the ignition switch. Thus it takes two separate
actions. The same is true for B747-400's. It was felt prudent that two
separate actions are required to start engines; otherwise a cleaner could
inadvertently start the engines with a single operation!