Re: MD-17 vs. MD-11F/DC-10F

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:26 
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  or MIME structure (Filip De Vos) wrote:

>: Why not?  I thought the whole point of the 747's high cockpit was that
>: the planes could be converted to freighters, complete with nose door,
>: when they were obsoleted by the SST.

The 747 was designed as a freighter from day one, as this was one of
Pan Am's requirements (a dual mission aircraft).  The high cockpit
design dates back to the competition for the USAF global transport
(Lockheed won with the C5-A), and that predated the SSC if I'm not
mistaken.  One of the requirements of the USAF freighter design was
the ability to drive military transports on and off under their own
power, hence a tail or nose opening would be essential for anything
larger than a Jeep.  The high cockpit on a freighter actually dates
back to British AirFerries' "Carvair", which was a prop aircraft
modified to have the cockpit above the cargo deck, and clamshell doors
on the nose...

Some of the printed accounts I've seen on the 747 development point to
safety issues of having containers breaking loose during a rejected
takeoff. The inertial energy of the containers could result in the
cockpit being crushed... Why this wasn't an issue for the DC10 or
other main deck freighters is beyond me!