Re: 757 flight management

Date:         24 Oct 97 04:33:13 
From: (JWizardC)
Organization: AOL
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>I fly an aircraft with the Honeywell SPZ 2000 flight management
>system.  Does anyone know how similiar or dissimiliar the 2000 is to
>whatever Honeywell systems are standard in the B-757?

Let's see... They both have glass in the cockpit...I'd say that just about
wraps up the similarities.

The SPZ is a darned good system for smaller aircraft that don't have to
go from sea to shining sea. They usually have an IRS system, an RNAV, GPS,
and/or some combination of the above.

The systems are very different, but the 'knowledge transfer' of any FMS
based system to another is much easier and quicker than that from a purely
round-dial (aka steam-guage) to an FMS.