Re: 767 Tail-Bang on lift-off

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:24 
From: (Terence Liow)
Organization: Great Basin Internet Services, Reno, NV
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On 13 Jan 97 18:35:31 , Mike Hall <> wrote:

>1 Is such an event a common occurence? Who is likely to be to blame -

Supposedly can happen with the MD-80s as well as 747s.  The JAL 747SR
that crashed in Japan a decade or so back had that happened.  When the
plane's rear bulkhead was reapired, they repairers used only a single
row of rivets, not double as specified by Boeing, which lead the the
failure of the bulkhead and loss of the vertical fin (and all

>3 Why do US airports not have transit lounges? We were marched off one
>plane to the replacement in groups of 10 (almost under armed guard)

Partly because U.S. airports are not designed for international
transit and connection,  and thus have no transit areas as a result.
Seems silly they would have kept you that way as it's likely everyone
who got on originated from the U.S.