Re: Radioactive material on CV990 ?

Date:         16 Oct 97 11:59:50 
From:         Bob Mann <>
Organization: R.W. Mann & Company, Inc.
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> >I heard that the rudders of the Convair 990 had counterweights made out
> >of uranium.
> I don't know about the 990, but I've heard that the 747-100 has some
> uranium in the outer wings to dampen flutter that was identified in
> flight testing.  This may just be an unsubstantiated rumor, though.

Depleted uranium was commonly used in combatting flutter, and as balance
weights.  It was chosen for its high density (mass/volume).  Applications
include the B747 elevator, as earlier mentioned.  Required some special
handling; I believe it was treated as hazardous waste, if removed from the
aircraft (as when scrapping/parting-out).

Also commonly used in high caliber military ammunition, for its ability to
deliver maximum kinetic energy in the smallest possible round....

- Bob Mann

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