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Date:         16 Oct 97 00:44:13 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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The Turkish Airlines order for 26 B737-800 (plus 23 options) was
reported in the news. This order is interesting regarding several
aspects :

- The official '97 list price for a 738 is from 48M$ to 54M$, the
official deal would thus be for 1.25B$ to 1.4B$. The Seattle times
reports the THY order with the following heading: 'Boeing wins $1.3
billion Turkey deal '. According to another report the chairman of the
board of Turkish Airlines, Cem Kozlu, said his company had agreed to buy
the planes for $830M. This means a discount between 33 and 41%, pretty
normal discounts for such a big deal.

- Some of the parts for the aircraft will be manufactured by Turkish
Aircraft Industries. Does anybody have more details ?

- Kozlu said the decision between the two competing companies (Airbus
and Boeing) had been made on the basis of price, guarantees and delivery
dates. Interesting items are price and delivery dates. Airbus got the US
Air(ways) deal by discounting the 320 for even less than in the THY
deal, so I assume they could have sold the 320 if price was that
important. Concerning the delivery dates i'm surprised that Boeing could
offer something better than Airbus. With all the delivery problems
Boeing has currently, how could they offer better positions than Airbus.
Maybe the reserved US Air(ways) slots (which still have to be confirmed)
have played a major role.

Note that the expected THY widebody order has still to be announced. It
is said that AI will sell 15 A332/333.

TAM has confirmed it's LOI signed at the Paris Air Show and confirmed
the deal for 5 A332 (plus 5 options). Finnair has confirmed a similar
deal, but LOI for 10 A320 and 2 A321 have been modified to 5 A319, 3
A320 and 4 A321. All these recent orders have been included in my '97
commercial aircraft orders which can be found at Note that
Boeing has so far 369 orders and Airbus 324 firm orders.

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