Re: 767 Tail-Bang on lift-off

Date:         21 Jan 97 01:32:24 
From:         "Brian A. Reynolds" <>
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins
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>Why do US airports not have transit lounges? We were marched off one
>plane to the replacement in groups of 10 (almost under armed guard) and
>forced to sit in it for almost 3 hours while fuel was unloaded and food
>and drink loaded.

In the US airports are owned and operated by the local municipality
(rather then by the Government as is common elsewhere).  Each airline
does have lounges, however they are 'by invitation' (read 'Pay $600 or
so for a year and we'll invite you') so they are not open to the public,
even when it is the airline which has caused the problem.

Marching you, the self-loading-cargo, from one aircraft to another makes
sure that you don't go astray and get lost.  They can't afford sheep
dogs to round you all back up :)