Re: EMB-135 Launched

Date:         16 Oct 97 00:44:13 
Organization: IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
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>But as it is an EMB product, it will be a cheap, low quality airplane, for
>cheap low quality airlines

Did you ever hear of an Embraer project called CBA-123? It was
exactly the opposite of the qualities you mentioned: expensive, high
quality 19-seater for high quality airlines. Besides that, it had a bold
pusher design. It didn't sell and almost broke Embraer. The commuter
market calls for affordable planes with low paid crews. Otherwise it
can't break even in a competitive market.
While the EMB120 is very similar in most aspects to the competition
(e.g., Saab340), the EMB145 is a lot different from what is presently
the benchmark for regional jets, the CRJ. Obviously, due to its origins,
the CRJ feels a lot more like a big jet. But as the American Eagle
order showed, the CRJ is no match for the 145 in value. Apparently,
it even pays to have 145s and 70-seater CRJs when compared to the
commonality benefits of a 50- and 70-seater all-CRJ fleet.

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