Re: NTSB recommend FAA to require installation of AOA system in all transport category aircraft

Date:         16 Oct 97 00:44:12 
From:         Jan-Olov Newborg <>
Organization: Algonet/Tninet
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In article <airliners.1997.2455@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:
> On 06 Oct 97 02:14:27 , Jan-Olov Newborg <> wrote:
> >NTSB recommended FAA in July 15, 1997 to require AOA Indicators in all
> >transport category aircraft :
> >
> >"It again urged the FAA to require that all transport-category aircraft
> >give pilots angle of attack information in a visual format, and train
> >pilots to use the information to obtain maximum possible climb
> >performance".
> Why, is it any easier to fly angle of attack instead of airspeed?

NTSB has found that in a number of accidents involving stall recovery
and airspeed indicator malfunction, AOA indicators could have saved the
lives in fatal crashes with DC8 and Boeing 757 mentioned.AOA indicators
should bee a fail safe backup in airliners, in modern fighters they are
used in every high G-turn.

> >So at least NTSB now starts to understand what Wright Bros and Otto
> >Lilienthal understod already 100 years ago,flight due to angle of attack
> >and wing causing net downwash (wake turbulence) and not flight due to
> >wings upper curvature as pilots are told today.
> >
> >When will ICAO and FAA understand and take action?
>  When will someone show that having an angle of attack indicator will
> increase the level of safety of the various aircraft in service today?
> Also, will the increase in level of safety (if there is any) be enough
> to offset the cost of implementing such a system in all aircraft?

All modern aircraft have AOA sensors already,but all information is
given to cockpit computers and not shown in clear form to the crew.

Delta Airlines has ordered 431 new Boeing 737 and is now pushing Boeing
to install AOA indicators and headup display in cockpit. Delta work
together with American Airlines,which also ordered some new Boeng

Jan-Olov Newborg