Re: NTSB recommend FAA to require installation of AOA system in all transport category aircraft

Date:         16 Oct 97 00:44:12 
From: (SHW)
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises, Inc.
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>On 06 Oct 97 02:14:27 , Jan-Olov Newborg <> wrote:
>>NTSB recommended FAA in July 15, 1997 to require AOA Indicators in all
>>transport category aircraft :
>Why, is it any easier to fly angle of attack instead of airspeed?

AOA works instantly, regardless of weight or load factor.
Flying off one gauge, the pilot can max-perforn any type of aircraft.
This is a lot easier than trying to fly "in and out" of stick-shaker.
Most pilots who have flown both systems, instead of prefering one over
the other see the benefit of having both.  AOA to fly out of a bad
situation and stick-shaker as a back-up.  AOA also serves as great
insurance against posting the wrong approach or climbout speed.  Stick
shakers simply tell you you're going to die if you don't accelerate --
but not how much to accelerate.  Speed-up too much and you might not
clear the trees in a windshear escape scenario.

Normally I'm not one for government mandates, but I think it's
appropriate in this case.  If the AA crew in Cali had an AOA gage and
a speed brake - thrust lever miscompare warning system they would have
lived.  That's pretty clear evidence.