Re: Questions about the DH Comet

Date:         07 Oct 97 14:10:19 
From:         "P. Wezeman" <>
Organization: The University of Iowa
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On 3 Oct 1997, Ed Mellinger wrote:

> This raised my eyebrows when I read about it ten years ago, and raised
> 'em again today.  I was suprised that glue would be considered
> acceptable for carrying a primary structural load, particularly in that
> era (nowadays, I know, we have composite airplanes that are nothing but
> glue and yarn).  Does anyone know of other aircraft, or primary
> structure on them, that rely on "bonding" (c'mon, guys... it's glue!) to
> carry loads between two metal components?

   The Convair B-58 supersonic bomber used bonded metal in its structure.
This was in the late 1950's. This was a very high performance aircraft
in its time, and unlike fighters would cruise at supersonic speed for
extended periods, so the ability to withstand heat soaking was needed.

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