Re: 777 rejected takeoff test

Date:         07 Oct 97 14:10:18 
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On 06 Oct 97 02:14:26 , (David Lesher) wrote:

>I watched the PBS series on the 777. Of special interest was the
>full-load rejected takeoff test. I missed the figures for the
>weight [and ISTM they were for load, vice emptyweight+load]
>but they said it was 9.7 million ft-lbs of hot brakes.
>Err... I was always an SI type, but is that a viable unit for the
>test? I was looking for energy, not torque. After all it's a
>straight kinetic energy->heat conversion; anyone know the m and

If energy is 1/2*m*V^2 and m=f/g (force/accel, gravity) the units you
end up with is ft-lbs ( or ft-lbf).