Re: Garuda A300 crash, volcanic ash, and morons of the media

Date:         06 Oct 97 02:14:27 
From:         AirJet@Alaska.NET
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> To my knowledge, combustion of wood does not produce fine particles of
> rock, at any temperature.  The ash that is produced is more likely to
> damage light-colored carpets than the metal used in aircraft engines.

Karl you are right. Ash and smoke from wood burning is totally different
from volcanic ash. Living in Alaska and witnessing the KLM 747-400 that
flew through the cloud up here and made an emergency landing in
Anchorage I know that this would NOT be a factor for the A-300 crash.

The KLM 747-400 was essentially sand blasted from the volcanic ash. The
pilots windows were almost totally obscure. The leading edges were also
sand blasted.  The ash got into the air packs and engines. This aircraft
was here for months being repaired. I understand it cost $80 million
dollars to repair and required replacement of all 4 engines.