NTSB recommend FAA to require installation of AOA system in all transport category aircraft

Date:         06 Oct 97 02:14:27 
From:         Jan-Olov Newborg <newborg@algonet.se>
Organization: Algonet/Tninet
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NTSB recommended FAA in July 15, 1997 to require AOA Indicators in all
transport category aircraft :

In addition, the NTSB reiterated a safety recommendation it made in 1996
following the crash of an American Airlines 757 near Cali, Colombia.

"It again urged the FAA to require that all transport-category aircraft
give pilots angle of attack information in a visual format, and train
pilots to use the information to obtain maximum possible climb

The NTSB's complete report, PB97-910405, may be purchased from the
National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port Royal Road,
Springfield, VA 22162, (703) 487-4650.

Media contact: Pat Cariseo

This press release and other NTSB information are available on the World
wide Web: http://www.ntsb.gov

So at least NTSB now starts to understand what Wright Bros and Otto
Lilienthal understod already 100 years ago,flight due to angle of attack
and wing causing net downwash (wake turbulence) and not flight due to
wings upper curvature as pilots are told today.

When will ICAO and FAA understand and take action?

Jan-Olov Newborg