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Date:         06 Oct 97 02:14:26 
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>As I recall, G-BDXH (BA's 747 glider) flew for nearly 30 minutes before they
>got the engines back, and I think they started at 37,000ft.  The engines
>were restarted at about 10,000ft, as I recall.

They were only a glider for 12 minutes -- they lost #4 at 9:42 local
time and the other three a minute later, all at FL370.  They relit #4
at about FL135 at 9:55, then brought back the others over the next
several minutes.

>They even put the aircaft into a dive (and so INCREASED the sink
>rate) at one stage due to loss of pressurization and an inop. First
>Officer's oxygen mask.

Right, so the descent rate implied by the above numbers is not
meaningful for computing the 747's ability as a glider.

>Of course, this aircraft had an APU running during the Jakarta Volcanic
>ash emergency ...

Are you sure?  Nothing I've read about the accident mentions the
pilots starting the APU, and it would not have been running at

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