Re: Cabin Depressurization

Date:         06 Oct 97 02:14:24 
From:         Exiled Expat <>
Organization: Emirates Internet
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jf mezei wrote
> Question: can the pilots easily disable the automatic deployment of
> airbags
> or is this truly "hardcoded" into the cabin ?

Auto deployment of the slide rafts ( which I think you must mean ) Can not be
overridden by the pilots.  Each one is a stand alone system and is self
activating.  The slide is attached to the fllor at the door opening when the
doors are closed at departure and when the door swings open, the slide falls
out of its box.  This action causes it to inflate.  Should the inflation not
take place automaticaly an extra handle is present which when pulled will
also cause the slide ti inflate.
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