Re: P3/Electra (was Questions about the DH Comet)

Date:         03 Oct 97 01:18:33 
From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
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Filip De Vos wrote:
> I think all E-3s are newbuilt, while there was an EC-135 that
> prototyped the antenna.
> : though I may be getting confused with the E-8A J-STARS, all of which
> : use converted commercial 707-320 airframes.

    The prototype E-3s, one with a Westinghouse radar and one with a Hughes
radar, were EC-137s, as they were based upon commercial Boeing 707-320s,
not 717/C-135s.  All J-STARS are built upon used commercial 707-320
airframes.  There was one new 707-320 with CFM56s built for the J-STARS
program, but it has since been sold off, as it was a one-of-a-kind

    As a side note - there are a lot of differences between the Electra
and P-3.  The Electra was designed for cruising along at high altitudes,
while the P-3 is set up for loitering over sonobuoys at low alititude.
The fatigue spectrum is far different between the two missions.
Additionally, the P-3 and Electra have prop blades that are very
different in design - I have worked with both.

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