Re: Leading Edge fences

Date:         03 Oct 97 01:18:32 
From:         domk1031@cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE (Burkhard Domke)
Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany
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On 01 Oct 97 14:08:45 , David Lednicer <> wrote:
>	Its Kuchemann, and he was actually a German who was brought to the
>UK after WWII and stayed on until he died in 1976.  The Kuchemann Carrots
>were used on the Convair 990.  He idea was to fill out the area
>distribution and reduce the wave drag.  However, their skin friction
>drag balanced out the wave drag reduction and they ended up having no
>effect. Additionally, they were too far aft to carry fuel, so they never
>had anything in them.

Thanks for the info, always wondered whether those CV990 Kuechemanns
where "wet".

Maybe OKB Tupolev considered a reduction in wave drag when the main
landing gear arrangement of the Tu-134, the Tu-154 and the Tu-95/142
was conceived, with bogies retracting up and backwards into bulbuous
trailing-edge pods very similar to Kuechemanns...