Re: Rolling a very large aircraft

Date:         03 Oct 97 01:18:32 
From:         "John Mackesy" <>
Organization: Melbourne PC User Group, Australia
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Dwight Hall <> wrote in article
> Can anyone provide documented proof of an intentional and controlled
> barrel-roll in level flight of a 747, DC-10 or similarly large aircraft?

In "Sigh For A Merlin" (Alex Henshaw), in which the author describes his
wartime work as a factory test pilot testing Spitfires and Lancasters,
p155/Chapter 12 is titled "Rolling the Lanc". He did this quite regularly,
barrel roll a la Tex Johnston.  Even at this distance, the Lancaster still
qualifies as a large aircraft - try standing under one, if you ever get the

The book's a good read - I recommend it highly.

John Mackesy