Re: Is "Lights Out" FAA Reg?

Date:         03 Oct 97 01:18:32 
From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Subject: Re: Is "Lights Out" FAA Reg?
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In article <airliners.1997.2352@ohare.Chicago.COM> airjet@Alaska.NET writes:
>Dave Benjamin wrote:
>> >From observation, it would appear that the FAA (or A/C manufactures)
>> require dimming of cabin lights for take-off and landing.  Is cabin
>> light dimming a requirement?  And if it is, why?
>It is a requirement.

Whose requirement?  What section of the FARs?  I just did a search and
can't find anything mandating it.

>It is done all the time as to become routine and
>not left up to the consideration of each individual. It is done for
>safety reasons, ie: if there were an incident it would not be like
>coming in from the sunlight to a movie theater.

Considering that it takes 20+ minutes for the eyes to night-adapt, and that
the cabin lights are usually snapped off within a few seconds of the takeoff
roll, I kind of doubt it.   And if there were an accident, the emergency
lighting would tend to destroy whatever adaptation might have occurred.

I remember distinctly when it become common, in the mid-late 70s.  Cabin
staff invariably said it was a courtesy to allow passengers to enjoy the
view.  A Southwest F/A on a flight I was on recently used it as an
opportunity to practice a rather sinister laugh over the PA.

I think we're dealing with the exciting birth of an urban legend.  Let's
see if any two responses in this thread are the same. :-)

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