Re: DC10 / MD11 Gear

Date:         03 Oct 97 01:18:32 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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>Last weekend,  I saw a book that listed about 20,000 commercial aircraft
>accidents.  I did note an AA DC-10 had a gear collapse during taxi at
>DFW with a full pax load.  It was either N136AA or 139AA.  The book
>implied the aircraft was written off; I'm not sure of this.  It
>surprised me to see three AA DC-10s on the list; I was only aware of

I suspect the book you saw was Terry Denham's World Directory of Airliner
Crashes, especially if you saw it at SNA's pilot shop...  but it only lists
11,000 accidents!  If so, the the criteria for inclusion includes the fact
that the aircraft was written off.

The entry for N136AA shows that, on 21 May 88, the DC-10-30 suffered a
nosewheel collapse after aborting take-off at Dallas, with no fatalities and
254 survivors.

N139AA, another DC-10-30, was damaged on 14 Apr 93 when the undercarriage
collapsed on landing, also at Dallas, with no fatalities and 202 survivors.

N110AA was, of course, the DC-10-10 that crashed at Chicago.