Re: Trent 800 woes

Date:         03 Oct 97 01:18:30 
From:         Exiled Expat <>
Organization: Emirates Internet
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Malcolm Weir wrote:

> >An earlier rumor of a catastrophic failure of a Rolls-Royce Trent 800
> >engine during an Emirates' B777 take-off was confirmed by this week's
> >Flight International (9/24-9/30).

> So perhaps Delta's selection of RR is as good as P&W?  Particularly since
> the Trent's problems seem to be self-identifying (i.e. oil temperature
> climbs through the roof), while some of the PW4000 problems involved
> modifications to the leading edges of the fans due to cracking after foreign object impacts...

I work on the Trent 800 at Emirates and despite a few teething problems
as a whole I find the Trent Engine to be the best engine I have ever
attended to.  It's built like a brick Shit House and as access to
components is far easier than on the GE90 and PW4000 it offers very quick
turn time.  At least it hasn't needed 100 service buletins to bring it up
to speed ( but that is typical for PW, Just look at how many mods were
made to the JT9D to bring it up to it's reliability ).  The recent failure
of our RR Trent is so far believed to have been induced by foreign object
damage wich is difficult to fault the engine for.

As far as oil temps going through the roof, I know of no such failure in
our fleet of 14 operating engines.

Incidently, a pilot told me that UAL wasn't happy with the way the PW4000
is guzzling far more fuel than it should be for their present service age.