Rolling a very large aircraft

Date:         01 Oct 97 19:57:50 
From:         Dwight Hall <>
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Can anyone provide documented proof of an intentional and controlled
barrel-roll in level flight of a 747, DC-10 or similarly large aircraft?
I have contacted Boeing and the editors of most major flying magazines
and all claim no knowledge of such a feat. I am well aware of the Tex
Johnston roll of a 707-prototype over Seattle back in the fifties. That
was filmed and has been shown of "Wings."  I'm no pilot, but my
understanding is that a perfect 1-G barrel roll could "theoretically" be
performed in any aircraft. (??)

I am a first-time visitor to this group, so please forgive me if this
thread has been explored and exhausted already. Apparently some airline
pilot called into Rush Limbaugh and claimed this had been done, but no
dates, times, and names were given, which makes me wonder if it's more
of an urban legend.