Re: Why are all airliners white?

Date:         01 Oct 97 19:57:49 
From:         BobB <>
Organization: Occasional
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Hedley Rainnie wrote:
> Bill Chivers wrote:
> > Recent research suggests that darker paint schemes are easier to see.
> > Since the human eye spots things by shape and contrast, trying to
> > contrast with a (usually) bright background (the sky) by having a bright
> > paint scheme is pretty much a waste of time.
> Last night 9/16/97 at SJC (San Jose Intl) over at the cargo loading end
> of the airport (near where Fedex loads up its nightly DC10/MD11) was a
> second DC10 but it had no markings at all, all grey body, black tail and
> a cargo door open on the left, no windows. I did not get a good look at
> the left side but the right looked as I described it. I have never seen
> a plane painted this way, even Military Airlift Command adds the US emblem
> and or black numerals in places.

Ever heard of Air America?

Oh - and why didn't you tell us that the cargo was lots of little
bitty black helicopters?  <G>

-= bob =-