Re: 747 hump

Date:         01 Oct 97 19:57:48 
From:         BobB <>
Organization: Occasional
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Mark Drela wrote:
> A straight fuselage will naturally carry some lift since the pressure
> difference above/below the wing gets partially carried over onto the
> fuselage.  The wing's pressure field cannot stop dead at the wing root!
> The lift carried by the fuselage is considerable.  For a mid wing
> it is comparable to the lift you would have on a carry-through
> section of the wing.  For this reason, the reference wing area
> defined for a jetliner often includes this imaginary "interior"
> wing area.

Could I ask the readers to think back - far back in aviation history?
Giuseppe Bellanca hated to see a fuselage wasting its time just holding
the tailfeathers on. Practically every one of his designs had an
airfoil section to make some contribution to lift. It might be
 interesting to take some models and fly them in a wind tunnel to
see how much of a contribution his designs actually contributed.

-= bob =-