Re: DC10 / MD11 Gear

Date:         01 Oct 97 14:08:46 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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john r. wrote:
> I think a number of DC10s have been lost on catastrophic gear failures
> on t/off, the Continental one for instance, when the captain was on
> his last trip.

IIRC, the CO accident at LAX was caused by an overrun after an aborted
takeoff.  The plane went through a concrete(?) wall and into a rental
car parking area.  I believe this is when the gear failed; hardly a
design flaw in this particular instance.  A friend showed me some of the
parts from the aircraft in storage in a hangar at LAX.  The postcrash
fire was caused by the landing gear rupturing a fuel tank as it tore
loose; CO was contending that this was a MD design flaw, and was saving
the parts as evidence in any potential litigation.

Last weekend,  I saw a book that listed about 20,000 commercial aircraft
accidents.  I did note an AA DC-10 had a gear collapse during taxi at
DFW with a full pax load.  It was either N136AA or 139AA.  The book
implied the aircraft was written off; I'm not sure of this.  It
surprised me to see three AA DC-10s on the list; I was only aware of

Ken Ishiguro