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Date:         01 Oct 97 14:08:45 
From:         David Lednicer <>
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Howard Jones wrote:
> an english aerodynamicist, dieter keusner(sp?) used something like this
> nicknamed Keusner's Carrots (seriously) to squeeze and invigorate the airflow
> to overcome a problem on an english jet. they may be doing more than just
> housing the tracks.

	Its Kuchemann, and he was actually a German who was brought to the
UK after WWII and stayed on until he died in 1976.  The Kuchemann Carrots
were used on the Convair 990.  He idea was to fill out the area
distribution and reduce the wave drag.  However, their skin friction
drag balanced out the wave drag reduction and they ended up having no
effect. Additionally, they were too far aft to carry fuel, so they never
had anything in them.

	Dieter Kuchemann is generally regarded as one of the GREAT
aerodynamicists, along with Ludwig Prandtl, R.T. Jones, Teddy
Theodorsen, Theodore von Karman, etc.

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