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Date:         01 Oct 97 14:08:44 
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>The only reason that 767's have only one first officer and a captain is
>to cut back on the crew and save the airlines some money.

Put another way, the reason to have a flight engineer on some 767s is
solely to meet union contracts and provide employment, thus wasting
money for the airlines which could otherwise be devoted to productive

On some early 737 operations there was also an FE, riding jumpseat
since there is no FE panel or other provision for a third working
body.  The nominal reason for this was that the union felt a third
set of eyes was necessary for safety reasons.  After a time, all
involved agreed this was a waste and the FEs were probably so bored
they would have been too dazed to contribute much anyway.  They came
up with contract terms which maintained the number of pilots, but
found something useful for them to do.

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